Hi everyone! We are back to work after we had our precious miracle twins!

We have hit the ground running! We went to The Pink Bride bridal show in Nashville this past weekend, and it was amazing! We met so many sweet couples who have booked their cakes with us. We have also set up times to meet with lots of other couples to do tastings!

We are now taking orders for other cakes as well- if you have a birthday, shower, or any other event you need a cake for, please send us an email and we can get things taken care of for you! We are so thankful for our amazing customers! You guys have been so understanding through the last year of change- with us taking out our retail counter and going to a ‘by order only’ bakery so we could focus on fertility treatments and having our miracle babies, to bed rest, & maternity leave. You guys really are amazing! Thank you for all of your kind words of support and congratulations!

We are back, & we couldn’t be more excited to be part of your celebrations again!

We are currently out of the kitchen, because we are on maternity leave! Our twins arrived November 11, and we are settling into a routine with them and enjoying our new family!

We will be out until after the first of the year. If you are a bride- come see us at The Pink Bride bridal show in January at the Music City Center and we can set up tastings and get things set up for your big day!

We will be slowly, (because life with twins is going to be crazy), responding to email, so if you need us for pricing and to place orders for cakes starting in February 2016, shoot us a message and we will get back with you as soon as we can!

Thank you so much for your understanding as we are taking a bit of a break to enjoy our precious miracles that we have worked so hard to have!

We are so thankful to have a great customer base and we love being part of your special events!


Melinda & Daniel Brown

Hello everyone!

We have been a little preoccupied with all things cake and well, life! We teamed up with Noreen Nooner Photography to share our space back in March and things have been great! Thank you for all of your kind words and well wishes for her as well as us as we continued down the road to have a child of our own. We took out our retail counter so that it would free us up from having to be at the shop non-stop and allow us to pursue having children; to do this, we had to travel out of state to a fertility clinic with a “no risk” program.

That being said, we are expecting! We traveled up to DC to go through treatment in January and again in March, and the trip in March was the one that gave us our little miracle babies! Yes, babies! We are expecting boy/girl twins in November! God has blessed us more than we could ever imagine, and we are so incredibly thankful.

We held our news in as long as we could, wanting to make sure that everything was going perfectly, and these little babes are growing and thriving great. Each time we see them we are just so in awe of what God can do if you let Him lead and take the driver’s seat in your life!

Since, we are expecting the twins in November, we are doing everything possible to keep them ‘baking’ as long as possible. So, we are only able to do our multiple wedding cake orders during the month of October. We have multiple weddings each weekend, and as my belly is growing rapidly with two babies, that is just about all I can do, and we have had most of these weddings booked for months, some even before we were expecting. We need to ensure the babies are staying put until our due date and that we are able to fulfill our brides visions of beautiful cakes on their very special day!

I am so sorry for any inconvenience this might cause, because we truly love being part of your celebrations each year!

So, here’s the most important information:

*We are expecting twins in November

*During October we are only doing wedding cake orders

*November we are on baby watch- so we will only have limited time to do orders

*December & January we will be out to enjoy our precious miracles that we have worked SO hard to have.

Please feel free to send us an email- it just might take us a little time to get back to you as we will be adjusting to life with newborn twins!

Thank you again for your understanding and we truly appreciate all of your business!

Have you ever thought that you have everything figured out? I find myself thinking I’ve got things together and then that’s when God shows me that I don’t, and He has a BETTER plan!

A few months ago, I announced that my husband and I have been going down the road of infertility; and that we need to focus more of our time and energy into pursuing our family. We had teamed up with a local guy who was going to put in a coffee shop and I would bake for him and do cake orders on my own. Freeing myself up from the retail end of things and thus allowing myself the time and energy to deal with fertility treatments.

Sadly, this is not going to work out. He has had a change of heart and is no longer interested in going forward with the coffee shop.

Nothing to worry about! God had different plans!

We are going to share the space with a sweet lady, who has been a ‘teammate’ to me for a few weddings over the past year, Noreen Nooner, of Noreen Nooner Photography!

Some things will change for us; we feel for the better..in an attempt to continue on our journey to have children of our own, we are not going to have a retail counter with cupcakes, cookies, and treats. As sad as this is, we honestly cannot do it all, and we want to be a presence in the community as well as do what is right for our family. WE ARE STILL MAKING CAKES! This is the big thing! We are going to be a “Baked to order” bakery, specializing in weddings, birthdays, and showers..anything you need a cake for, we have you covered! We love being part of your celebrations!

We are taking another leap of faith, and know that God has the BEST plan laid out for us in business as well as for our family! We cannot be more excited to share the space with such a great lady!

Praying for the Lord to bless us this year!

Also, thank you to all of those who have sent well wishes & prayers our way as we continue down the path of infertility! You guys truly are AMAZING!

It has been a whirlwind around here the past month! In a nutshell, this is what is happening with us! We are EXPANDING! We will be welcoming “Our Town Cafe” to our bakery, after the first of the year! Our Town Cafe will be a fabulous coffee shop and cafe! We could not be more excited to welcome them to Pleasant View and to the village!

I’ve been asked multiple times when we would do coffee like a coffee shop, but that just isn’t something I could take on while making cakes. We know that this will be a great addition to our little bakery!

To go into more detail and in an effort to be completely transparent with you, our amazing customers, here is our story. My husband and I have been going down the long road of infertility and intense fertility treatments for over a year now. This is something that is taking up quite a bit of our time and energy and we need more of both of these to continue down this path! So, in an effort to help us pursue our desire to expand our family, we decided to re-structure our business plan; to allow us to achieve both of our dreams, keeping our bakery and having a child. We are making this possible with expanding with a coffee shop in our retail space! That doesn’t sound like we will have more time or energy with an expansion, right? Well, we will have both with the plan we have put into motion. With adding Our Town Cafe to the mix, our friend, Anthony, will have his coffee shop in the front of our shop, freeing us up from the retail end of the bakery. We will continue making birthday cakes and doing weddings, and we will do baking for him in the kitchen in the back of the shop. You will still be able to get most of our baked goods when you come in for a cup of coffee or dessert after lunch, and cakes and pies ready to go! While, you may not be able to catch us in the shop all the time, you will be able to reach us by phone, email, or Facebook to place orders! We aren’t going anywhere!! We are just freeing us up from the retail demands to be able to focus on our family.

The plan is to be business as usual until Christmas! We will then be closed for a couple short months to get everything redesigned and setup for Our Town Cafe, and re-open March 1, 2015. We are so very thankful to our customers who are so loyal! We love being part of your lives and celebrating milestones with you! You have made us successful and for that we are so grateful! Now, who is excited for a great cup of coffee? Let’s get excited! Our Town Cafe will be a great addition to our bakery and community! Great things are coming, and we are so thrilled to be a part of it! If you have any questions, feel free to email us! melinda@brownsugarcakeroom.com

Thank you again for your support over the years!

We have officially been open for 1 year!

Happy Birthday to us!!

Come by today only, February 7, 2013 for a sweet treat! When you buy 2 cupcakes, get 1 FREE!

Opening a bakery has always been my life dream. To be able to work my own hours, to be a part of people’s lives, to help in the planning of the birthday cakes, and even more dramatic wedding cakes. To see the expression on the faces, and to see how excited children are with their birthday cake, is quite possibly the best part of my job. I work long hours, am sometimes overwhelmed with tiredness, but when I see the joy and happiness on the faces; that makes it ALL worth it. This past Saturday, I was privileged to make the wedding cake of my very sweet friend and “little sis,” Hannah. We delivered the cake, made a mad dash to change into some clothes appropriate for a wedding, watched her get married, and waited to see her expression as she walked through the doors to see her cake. Priceless. I hope someone captured that on film!

I’ve not ever told the “story” as to how we took this leap of faith into opening our own business. It started in the beginning of 2011. Like I said before, it was MY dream to open a bakery. Not anyone else’s but MINE.  My husband and I had recently moved back into town after working at a church in Oklahoma with a youth group. We took the opportunity to sign up to lead an E-Team, since we were not currently serving a church. E-Team is an organization begun by our denomination of Free Will Baptists, who send out teams of teenagers with leaders to different countries all over the world, during the summer. We train, and come together as a team, but who are we kidding, we became a family. I still chat with our kids and it’s been over a year since we were their “parents.”

We applied to E-Team and waited to see if we would be picked as leaders. During this time I was working full time at a bakery in Nashville, and my husband began working a job where he worked during college. We were making things work, but it wasn’t going as we ‘planned or hoped’. We moved into a new house, and I saw a vacant shop that had my name written on it. It was going to be my bakery, but I didn’t want to do it alone. I needed help. I found a partner, and we began making plans. Plans soon faded because I was being selfish with MY plan and not listening to God. I let my dream shift to the ‘back burner’. I didn’t let it get me down, because we were told we were chosen for E-Team! We began preparing for a trip to Tokyo, Japan where we would take 8 teenagers. Scary!

Leader training began a few days before our kids arrived. We quickly made instant friends with a very special couple, who are missionaries to New Mexico, Mark and Khristi. I thank God for bringing them into our lives. It’s amazing how fast we became friends with them. We respected them.  Our kids arrived and we began growing as a team and we had fabulous services, where not only the kids began to open their hearts to what God wanted them to do, but the leaders as well; me especially. I count a very quick conversation in passing with Khristi that finally gave me the gumption to go out on my own with my dream.

We went to Japan, and came home very different people, and so on fire for the Lord, and what He wanted for us. We decided for me not to go back to work, but to work from home baking and building up a client base for the day we would open a shop. Soon, after we got back to the states we got  a call saying there was a church looking to fill a position of Christian Education Director/Children’s Pastor.  We felt like this was it for us. My husband applied, and we started at Bethlehem FWB in Ashland City, in November. It’s been a blast ever since!

Once we settled with the idea that this is where we were supposed to be and serve, I began RUNNING with my dream of opening a shop! I had thought about it for a very long time so I knew what I wanted. We got things together and made a mad dash to open by Valentine’s day. We did it with a week to spare. But it would not be possible without my parents. Amazing people, let me tell ya!

So, as we approach our 1 year anniversary of being open, we are so thankful for the way the Lord has provided for us. Without Him, none of this would be possible. So with this being our story, we need to say that we are so thankful for each one of you, our customers, who make this dream a reality. Thank you!

We have a heart for missions. It is one of the things that makes us who we are. I am always looking for a way that I can bring in money for them. It’s a hard job and they left their families to take the gospel to the ones who have not heard about God’s love. We have lots of friends, who have done just that. We were unable to serve as E-Team leaders this  past summer, with opening a bakery, and really didn’t know when we would lead again, if ever. I should have never doubted, because the Lord proved me wrong. We did not apply by the due date of applications for this years E-Team. We closed the door. Only to find that the Lord opened it again, and opened it wide. We were told they still needed leaders, we filled out the paperwork, thinking this won’t work. But began praying; only allow us to lead if the bakery will be fine. If we get chosen we will go, because we know You will take care of us. We were chosen, we are scheduled to lead a team of 6 teenagers to Brazil in June.

This being said, we will be closing during the month of June 2013. We will be taking a limited amount of wedding cake orders on selected weekends. Some knew about this and had a choice between 2 dates and chose a date that wasn’t in June so that we could make their cake. See, He is already taking care of us! Not only just by this one couple, but by sending us a great contact with a fabulous wedding photographer, who has referred 9 brides to us already; none of which are getting married in June. The Lord is amazing!

We know that we will miss out on quite a few of your birthdays and we are sorry! But when the Lord says, go, we go. This hasn’t been an easy lesson to learn, but we have learned it none the less and will do our very best to obey His calling.

Thank you again for your business and support as we approach our first anniversary on February 7th. You guys are awesome!


We will now be open from 9 am to 2 pm on Saturdays.

This will help us in delivering our very special wedding cakes to our fabulous couples!

So, take note, we will now close at 2 on Saturdays, instead of 3. Only an hour earlier!

Christmas is less than a month away! I need to go shopping! If you have a baker in your family, we have the perfect gift for them! Cookie mix jars! Filled with our hot cocoa cookie mix is the perfect gift, so that you can enjoy these cookies at home! Stop in and pick one up and mark that off your shopping list!

Orders for Christmas cakes, cake pops, and other desserts are already coming in! Don’t forget to place your order! We will be making lots of cakes for Christmas, along with Santa hat and Christmas tree cake pops!

We will be closing early the Saturday before Christmas, which will be the last day to pick up orders for Christmas! Saturday December 22 our hours will be 9 am to 12:30 pm.

Let us know how we can help you make this holiday easier!


Merry Christmas!

It is almost time for Thanksgiving! How does time pass so quickly? We are already filling up with orders for the holiday!

If you would like to place an order for pies, cupcakes, cakes, and yeast rolls give us a call 615-746-4544.

Pie flavors are: dutch apple, fudge, chess, pecan, pumpkin, and sweet potato! We are also busy coming up with cute turkey cakes and scarecrow cakes, as well as turkey cake pops!

Our hours the week of Thanksgiving are as follows:

Closed Monday, as normal. ~ Tuesday 8:30am-6pm ~ Wednesday 8am-12:30pm ~


We will reopen with regular business hours on Tuesday 11/27 at 8:30am.

Happy Thanksgiving!