Have you ever thought that you have everything figured out? I find myself thinking I’ve got things together and then that’s when God shows me that I don’t, and He has a BETTER plan!

A few months ago, I announced that my husband and I have been going down the road of infertility; and that we need to focus more of our time and energy into pursuing our family. We had teamed up with a local guy who was going to put in a coffee shop and I would bake for him and do cake orders on my own. Freeing myself up from the retail end of things and thus allowing myself the time and energy to deal with fertility treatments.

Sadly, this is not going to work out. He has had a change of heart and is no longer interested in going forward with the coffee shop.

Nothing to worry about! God had different plans!

We are going to share the space with a sweet lady, who has been a ‘teammate’ to me for a few weddings over the past year, Noreen Nooner, of Noreen Nooner Photography!

Some things will change for us; we feel for the an attempt to continue on our journey to have children of our own, we are not going to have a retail counter with cupcakes, cookies, and treats. As sad as this is, we honestly cannot do it all, and we want to be a presence in the community as well as do what is right for our family. WE ARE STILL MAKING CAKES! This is the big thing! We are going to be a “Baked to order” bakery, specializing in weddings, birthdays, and showers..anything you need a cake for, we have you covered! We love being part of your celebrations!

We are taking another leap of faith, and know that God has the BEST plan laid out for us in business as well as for our family! We cannot be more excited to share the space with such a great lady!

Praying for the Lord to bless us this year!

Also, thank you to all of those who have sent well wishes & prayers our way as we continue down the path of infertility! You guys truly are AMAZING!

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