It’s been a while!

Hello everyone!

We have been a little preoccupied with all things cake and well, life! We teamed up with Noreen Nooner Photography to share our space back in March and things have been great! Thank you for all of your kind words and well wishes for her as well as us as we continued down the road to have a child of our own. We took out our retail counter so that it would free us up from having to be at the shop non-stop and allow us to pursue having children; to do this, we had to travel out of state to a fertility clinic with a “no risk” program.

That being said, we are expecting! We traveled up to DC to go through treatment in January and again in March, and the trip in March was the one that gave us our little miracle babies! Yes, babies! We are expecting boy/girl twins in November! God has blessed us more than we could ever imagine, and we are so incredibly thankful.

We held our news in as long as we could, wanting to make sure that everything was going perfectly, and these little babes are growing and thriving great. Each time we see them we are just so in awe of what God can do if you let Him lead and take the driver’s seat in your life!

Since, we are expecting the twins in November, we are doing everything possible to keep them ‘baking’ as long as possible. So, we are only able to do our multiple wedding cake orders during the month of October. We have multiple weddings each weekend, and as my belly is growing rapidly with two babies, that is just about all I can do, and we have had most of these weddings booked for months, some even before we were expecting. We need to ensure the babies are staying put until our due date and that we are able to fulfill our brides visions of beautiful cakes on their very special day!

I am so sorry for any inconvenience this might cause, because we truly love being part of your celebrations each year!

So, here’s the most important information:

*We are expecting twins in November

*During October we are only doing wedding cake orders

*November we are on baby watch- so we will only have limited time to do orders

*December & January we will be out to enjoy our precious miracles that we have worked SO hard to have.

Please feel free to send us an email- it just might take us a little time to get back to you as we will be adjusting to life with newborn twins!

Thank you again for your understanding and we truly appreciate all of your business!

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